Instructions for Submitting Your Information via Fax

Note to returning clients: Please request your personal checklist via email to or by phone at 626-858-2340 (please provide your email address). We will email your own checklist, which contains last year’s information for your use.



1. Print out our checklist and complete as thoroughly as possible.  There are some forms included that may not pertain to your situation.

  1. 2. Gather all of your year-end income and expenses documents that you have received and prepare for faxing along with our checklist.


  1. 3. Jot down any questions that you may have for us and note any special circumstances you want us to know about.
  1. 4. Fax all to 626-858-9981, or scan and email to


It’s that easy!  We will call you to acknowledge your fax, give you an estimated time of completion, and a quote of our fee for preparation.


If you have any questions, please email us at


Download Checklist
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